Tyndale Christian School is an independent, co-educational, inter-denominational school. It is governed by an incorporated Association – Tyndale Christian School Incorporated.

The School Association consists of people who have, or who have had, a direct relationship with the School, whether as a parent, staff member or former student. The Association appoints up to 12 of its members to the Board of Governors, who are the custodians of:

  • the School’s Vision
  • Mission
  • Core Purpose
  • Values. 

The Board of Governors appoints the Head of Schools who, as their Executive Officer, oversees the management of the School on a day to day basis. The Head of Schools reports directly to the Board of Governors and is accountable to them.


The School is governed by a Board of Governors elected by the Tyndale Christian School Association.

The role of the Board of Governors is to serve God by upholding the Christian values and the Constitution of the Association on which the School has been established.

The Board also ensures that the School meets its ethical, social and operational objectives –

Ethical and social objectives:

  • clearly articulate the Vision and Mission of the School
  • establish policies aimed at achieving the Vision and Mission
  • ensure legal, ethical and spiritual integrity and maintain accountability
  • appoint a Head of Schools to provide leadership in achieving the School’s Vision and Mission
  • govern by policy determination, establishing executive policies for the Head of Schools.

Operational objectives:

  • support the Head of Schools and assess their performance
  • ensure the Head of Schools is provided with adequate and appropriate resources
  • ensure effective organisational planning
  • ensure the accountability of the Head of Schools and itself (the Board)
  • recruit new Board Members and assess board performance.


Ashley Bennett

Board Chair

Tim Scott

Deputy Board Chair

Tammy Phillips


Naomi Porter

Olivia Dykes

Jesse Ngatia

Brett Jackson

Strathalbyn Representative

Carolyn Enthoven

Murray Bridge Representative