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Sri Lanka Presentation Night

Sunday 27 November 2016 | General News

I would like to extend a special invitation to you and your families to attend at our upcoming Sri Lanka Presentation Evening. Read More...

Family Photo Fundraiser

Sunday 30 October 2016 | General News

The annual Family Photo Fundraiser is coming up next term on Sunday 30 October 2016. This event raises money for the children’s homes that Tyndale supports in Kenya and Sri Lanka. Read More...

African Images Calendar 2017

Thursday 20 October 2016 | General News

26847 Web Banner HR.jpg
This year, we are proud to present our inaugural calendar to you entitled ‘African Images’. Within this calendar you will find amazing images of African animals, all of which have been taken by our very own Head of Schools of Tyndale Christian School, Mike Potter. Read More...

Fifth Business Summer Production

Thursday 29 September 2016 | General News

The Fifth Business Theatre Company is thrilled to announce our exciting Summer Program. For those who are Fifth Business veterans you will be aware we have held Summer Stage School events annually since 2012. Rehearsals for our production will be our focus in term 4 and for our summer program in 2017. Read More...

NAPLAN Results for 2016

Friday 16 September 2016 | General News

Well done to all the students who participated in NAPLAN in 2016. Please follow the link to see our results for 2016. Read More...

Middle School Musical - That's a wrap!

Thursday 01 September 2016 | General News

Congratulations to the cast, crew and production team of Beauty and the Beast Jr! What a wonderful job our students have done! They have given their all from the start and joined us with our vision to create what you are seeing in this performance. I am proud of all of you and would like to thank you for your amazing efforts. Stacey Webb, Director Tyndale’s decision to stay committed to their core values as a school creates an environment where collaboration, partnership and creativity can thrive. Whilst there is always a thrill in the finished product of a live performance, the journey leading to that point can be just as exciting. Just as 25 years ago Disney took risks with their most ambitious movie to date, so we have taken risks with this production. Had we not had a team of committed, generous and talented parents willing to sacrifice their personal time, tonight’s performance simply would not be possible. The stunning costumes and stage set would have existed in our imaginations only! Had we not had Middle School students willing to put their hand up and volunteer to serve behind the scenes, the complicated and challenging Read More...


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